E-Commerce and Hotellerie

Hi everybody, this I’m about to start is a two-article mini series were I write about the world of Hotellerie in the growing facility which is E-Commerce (I’ve already written two articles about E-Commerce ,if you’re interested).

E-Commerce has made everything easier, and nowadays it really is a nice substitute for long distance away shops that are not easy to reach for some people.

But, can we also book hotel rooms on the internet? The answer is yes, and it is not hard at all. 

There are many sites to choose from, and in this mini series of articles I’m going to talk about two of them: Booking.com and Trivago. 


Booking.com is one of the most famous websites to choose for booking hotel rooms. It was founded In 1996 in the Netherlands and has its headquarters In Amsterdam. Booking.com has always had a very fine interest in marketing.This can be seen today on Its website showing ,for example, highlighted phrases like “six more people are watching this page” or “there are 20 reservations for this hotel today”. This is a marketing choice used by many other E-Commerce websites to hurry the customer to choose the Hotel In the announcement. 

Booking.com also has its dedicated smartphone app, which is available on Google Play Store and App Store. 

With Booking.com, If you want/need, you can also book flights, or you can choose to book the flight and the hotel at the same time, so you can save some money, because these flight-hotel options come with a slightly lowered price instead of full price. Who do I recommend this website to? 

I’d like to recommend this website to those people who are looking for an offer between flight and hotel, and maybe prefer to pay all in one instead of separate accounts. This site is really well done, and it’s also easy to use.

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