E-Commerce and Hotellerie

Part 2 

As I said previously, here we are , this is the second article I’m writing for this “mini-series” of two articles about the world of E-Commerce and Hotellerie. 

In today’s article I’m going to talk about a very famous website for booking hotel rooms (and not only flights ,as Booking.com).The website I’m talking about is Trivago. 


“Find the ideal Hotel at the best retail price”, this is the main slogan used by the company, born in 2005 in Germany from the minds of Rolf Schromgens, Peter Vinnemeier and Malte Siewert, and released in other countries only in 2007. 

The main objective of this website is giving you the opportunity to find the best hotel at a reasonable price and also compare the results you find. 

The site is well done and easy to use, everyone can book easily with Trivago. On the main page you’ll find some offers and a slider thanks to which you can select the price per night. Beside the various hotel rooms you’ll find a map with all the prices on it, so it is easier for you to find what you need.

On the top right corner you’ll find a currency-selector, where you can choose what currency you want to use for the payment method. 

You can also choose (obviously) the location of the hotel, the level of appreciation, you can select whether to find an apartment or a Hotel.

There are also many other details that you might want to find in the Hotel, like a swimming pool or a gym and many more. 

A clarification must be made: once you find the best offer for you, Trivago will redirect you to the offers page on Booking.com, that’s because Trivago just compares all the various offers and than helps you find the right one, so it’s like a “better price finder”. 

Trivago’s advertising can be seen as easy to create, but it’s actually quite brilliant.In the Italian TV advertising campaign they just put together the words Hotel and Trivago creating this phrase that gets into your head quite easily: “Hotel? Trivago!”, and now many people associate the word Hotel to Trivago, creating a real social phenomenon, and I think It’s impressive. 

Coming to the end of this article, I recommend to you to use Trivago because it is easy to use and also for its prices.

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