There are so many big cities nowadays, one of them is Dubai, known for its beautiful landscape, skyscrapers and much much more. Dubai is indeed considered a city of records because it has established several stunning places. Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also in the United Arab Emirates. The best known record is that of the tallest skyscraper in the world: the Burj Khalifa. Dubai also has the largest shopping mall in the world: the Dubai Mall. Last best record is the Burj Al Arab: the most expensive hotel in the world which has the shape of a sail (of the boat).

But one must think that not so long ago Dubai was only sand. In fact, in 1900 Dubai did not exist. Dubai was built in the desert and it is one of the most modern cities in the world. Sixty years ago there were no skyscrapers, there was no money and there was no water. So many people wonder: how did Dubai become the city it is today?

Well, it’s thanks to sheikh Mohammad Bin Roshid Al Maktoum. This man built one of the craziest cities in the world. He is the man in charge of Dubai right now. Before, the whole area was deserted, with no tourist attractions and shops. Nothing! This is why so many people said that building a city there would be impossible. But Sheikh Mohammad didn’t listen to them and he wanted to show they were wrong, so he built one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A city that everyone wants to visit and where everyone wants to live.

First of all, he built an airport, to make Dubai a city accessible to the world, then he made sure that anyone, from all over the world, could buy a house. Even though Dubai is an Islamic city, Sheikh Mohammad let other religions settle there as well. In fact, Christians have built churches, Hindus have built temples, and anyone of any religion is well accepted. Dubai is the largest multi-ethnic city in the world, it is no coincidence that 95% of the city’s population is made up of foreigners.

The city has grown very fast and boasts: the largest shopping center in the world, the largest artificial island in the world, The tallest skyscraper in the world. And as if that wasn’t enough, Sheikh Mohammad still has amazing plans for Dubai’s future, with his determination to show the world that everything is possible and that hard work and creativity can make the impossible……POSSIBLE.

With its 829.80 meters the Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world, the tallest man-made structure. It holds numerous other records together with the Burj Al Arab tower. it is the most important tourist destination in Dubai and one of its most important symbols. The building is named after the Emir of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa Bin Layed Al Nahayan, president of the United Arab Emirates since 2004. The elevators reach 150 km/h depending on their height. Among other things, 16.000 parking spaces are there. It occupies a a very wide area in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is next to Dubai Mall. Access to the facility is Doha Street, rebuilt on 2 levels in April 2009.

A few kilometers south of downtown Dubai, on the Palm Tree, an artificial island connected to the mainland by a bridge, there is the Burj Al Arab. The building as well as being the most expensive hotel in the world is the third tallest in the world with its 321 meters. A night in this hotel costs $28,000. The Palm Tree is also the biggest artificial island in the world.

The largest Luna Park in the world is Dubai Land in Dubai also called Global Village: this gigantic park is even bigger than Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, and occupies an area of 279 km2.

I went to Dubai and I recommend everyone to go there because you will be amazed. Dubai tells us that in life you must never give up and keep on trying like Sheikh Mohammad who turned a vast desert into the city of records.

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