We all know that drug addiction is a very sensitive subject in which there is a lot to be said. Many people believe that drugs can harm both our body and our mind on a psychological level. Will it really be like this?

The term drug addiction is a serious pathological condition in which the affected  individual perceives the need to take a certain substance. The addict seeks in substance euphoria and pleasure at any cost. The subjects in question tend to isolate themselves with other people, this is a difficult behavior to heal. It is correct to specify that drug addiction does not refer only drugs but also to alcohol, gambling, etc.

Among the drugs we divide those that people consider light and heavy ones. Some soft drugs can be: marijuana,hashish and others belonging to cannabis. Instead, hard drugs can be: cocaine, heroin, morphine, etc. Soft drugs are those that are legal in many states. They are given is small doses and need a doctor’s prescription for their use. Drugs that are considered hard are illegal and face punishment if they are used. They cause much more serious effects than soft drugs, alter the nervous system and sometimes even cause physical damage, and most of all are more addictive than the other drugs mentioned above.

Many people try to get out of drug addiction but unfortunately not everyone succeeds. It is recommended that you consult with professionals and seek help from family and friends as well.

 In conclusion, to answer the initial question we can say that soft drugs can be used in small doses but if used in larger doses they cause damage, while hard drugs are always not recommended.

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