Draghi: “I Asked Putin to Stop”.

In an interview to Corriere della Sera, Prime Minister Mario Draghi stated “At a time full of uncertainties, potential instability, internal and external fragility, this government of national unity continues to want to govern. We have done a lot and we have done it together ”. In the same interview, he repeated that the executive “will go all the way to do the things the country needs“.

Prime Minister Draghi said he is not tired and reveals “President Putin and I had a telephone call before the war began. We broke up with the understanding that we would keep in touch. A few weeks later, however, the offensive was launched against Ukraine. I tried to talk to him until the end” and he also explains that in a recent phone call he asked him to meet with Zelensky to talk about peace and cease fire. President Putin replied that the time is not still ripe.

“I am beginning to think that what people say is right: ‘It is useless to talk to him, it’s just a waste of time’,” Draghi reports.

The Italian Prime Minister has the impression that the horror of the war with its cost of lives, with what they have done to children and women, is completely independent from the words and telephone conversations that are made.

While on the possible consequences of the sanctions on fuel Draghi believes “Peace is worth sacrifice“.

So far, Putin’s goal has not been the search for peace, but the attempt to annihilate the Ukrainian resistance, occupy the country and entrust it to a friendly government. “We will remain close to our Ukrainian friends: the reopening of our embassy in Kiev is good news,” said Draghi.

The truth is that nobody knows how this war is going to end. Every day we hear of ‘embargo’, ‘gas shortage’, ‘nuclear weapon threat’…our lives, after the two year pandemic is changing, and we cannot see the direction it is heading towards.

As Sting says: “I hope the Russians love their children too”. Only love will put an end to devastation and crimes. Only love will find an answer to greed and thirst of power. Only love will save the world.

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Rosa Doria


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