Don’t care, I have a cancer

Feltri’s letter to Fedez

Federico Leonardo Lucia, known by his stage name Fedez, is a rapper born in Milan on October 15,1989. Today Fedez is one of the most influential artists in italian entertainment world. The artist has released over 60 Platinum records and 6 albums. He is also a well-known influecer with over 13 million followers on Instagram and he has partecipated in films and television broadcast, too.

On March17, 2022 he shared a touching message on instagram trough which he communicated to his followers that he has an illness that will lead him to face an important path. Vittorio Feltri wrote him a letter with this message: “Dear Fedez, I have read about your health problems and I hope they get resolved. You are a talented yong man, you have a beautiful family and I understand your mood in the face of illness. Then the journalist continued: “I have a cancer, don’t care about the disease and you will get out of it.”
Libero’s editorial director has recently discovered to have a cancer and he has already underwent surgery. He says “I am 78 years old, I have never had any problems. But the last check with the CT scan, a method of contrasting from head to toe, gave me an unpleasant surprise. I didn’t get scared. But my surgeon, a beautiful girl, told me I needed to investigate. The doctor issued the sentence: cancer, it is necessary to intervene urgently “. Feltri invites Fedez not to be discouraged and to react in the face of the disease: “Please, do not be intimidated. Do not get depressed, illnesses are part of nature which is our enemy, we must fight it with our will”. And he confides in his personal way of facing this battle: “I am not able to console you, but I would like to point out that I am bothered by my tumor. Bad sentence, but true. As long as I am in the world I will fight with anyone, even with cancer . Listen to me – he concludes – don’t cry, fight bad luck, you’ll be right “. And we all hope so.

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