Have you ever heard about “Doctors without borders” ? It is an International,  non-governmental organization founded on 22 December the 1971 in Paris  by doctors  and  journalists. It was founded with the idea of to bring medical aid and humanitarian assistance in the event of conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters and in areas of the world where the right to treatment is not guaranteed. The organization is active in 70 states around the world. The activities range from eartquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, but even in case of war and poverty. They have access  where cares are denied. During the Biafra Civil War, some French doctors who worked with the Red Cross were shocked by the ongoing genocide and frustrated by the silence to which they were held. So the organization was created. They inaugurated a new style of emergency which combined immediacy, professionalism, independence and testimony. After many activities around the world, the organization received the Nobel Prize in 1999. It was a great success. War places are their main destination, especially in those areas where children are innocent victims. Their job is to save life and give mediacal assistance to those people who would otherwise be denied access to healthcare, clean water and shelter. The organization acts al lover the world and it explicitly precludes political, economic, or religious factors in its decision making. Their field mission team usually consists of a small number of coordinators to head each component of a field mission, and a “head of mission.” The head of mission usually has the most experience in humanitarian situations of the members of the team, and it is his/her job to deal with the media, national governments and other humanitarian organizations. The head of mission does not necessarily have a medical background, but there are a number of non-medical volunteers who help keep the field mission functioning. Their activity is surely not easy, but it’s important to know that this organization exists and we should try to encourage people to help them in every way.

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