Do you really need to wear animals?

It is alarming to consider that the clothes we wear often involve the slaughter of millions of creatures. Many brands like Armani, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, and most recently Chanel, have stopped using fur. Some countries are even contemplating a fur ban.

The most common animals used for fur are foxesrabbitsminkschinchillas, and otters.

Most of the fur is obtained through farming.  dedicated to the pro­motion of the industry, claims that although countries have different laws, international regulations prohibit animal cruelty and ensure minimal care such as “cage size and enrichment” and “a personalized humane slaughter”. According to this source, fur-farming “provides an efficient use of animal by-products” since it feeds the animals with food inadequate for human consumption and after slaughter, the animals can be used for other farming industries, biofuel or oil, and cosmetics. -The big volume of production reflects the different needs of the industry. Depending on the animal used, a different quantity of animals will be required. Most of the wild animals hunted for their fur do not die immediately from the traps or hunting methods and become seriously injured. Hunters also suggest shooting animals in the face or gut not to damage the fur, which creates extreme pain if it doesn’t kill immediately.

The fur industry sales have increased significantly in a short period of time.

Do you actually need to take another’s life just to wear it?

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Alessandra Calderone


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