Do you like reading journals?

Many people of all ages read newspapers regardless of whether they are paper, newspapers, or online newspapers. So what’s a newspaper?

A newspaper is a medium or large-sized publication of a variable number of pages, which contains news of politics, economics, culture, chronicle, entertainment, and sport. The term “journal” derives from the word “day” and refers to the daily frequency of outings, but it can also be used to indicate weekly periodicals.

Talking about the origins, after the fall of the Roman Empire and during the Middle Ages, the spread of news was mainly oral. From the VIII century began to appear chronic and annuals, and later in the XIII century the first postal services were organized by couriers that transmitted letters of notices or news by the hand of commercial companies: the correspondences concerned mainly politicians, bankers, and merchants.

The invention of the press in the XV century was decisive for the circulation of news, in fact, were born the first periodicals. They were called “gazette”, from a notice published in the Republic of Venice put on sale at the price of a silver coin called “Gazeta”. They mainly reported news about the courts and local information.

Only in the XIX century journalism takes modern characteristics with the development of technology, the improvement of communication routes, the evolution, and the schooling of society. From 1830 to 1850 the main newspaper was born in France, England, and the United States. In the United States took space the real revolution of the press with the birth of the “penny press”, which were newspapers sold for the price of a penny. The newspapers were now distributed on the street and in newsstands becoming accessible to all. The content was addressed to all the social classes, the information covered every aspect of daily life and included the city chronicle and the black chronicles.

Through a survey among business executives, politicians, professors, journalists, and adversities from over 50 countries we can know the ranking of the most authoritative newspapers. They are “Financial Times” of Great Britain, “Wall Street Journal” of the USA, “Frankfurter Allgemeine” of Germany, “Le Monde” of France, “Neue Zuercher Zeitung” of Swiss, “New York Times” of the USA, and “Il Corriere Della Sera” of Italy.

Whit the introduction of the Internet, newspapers are also starting to be published online.

In Italy the most famous and the best-selling newspaper are “Corrire Della Sera”, “La Repubblica”, “La Gazzetta Della Sport”, “Il Sole 24 Ore”, “La Stampa”, “Il Messaggero”, “Il Reso Del Carlino” and “Il Giornale”.

In Italy the first experiments of an online newspaper date back to the mid-nineties by the “Unione Sarda” and the “Unità”. “L’Unione Sarda” was the first European online newspaper and “L’Unità” was the first national online newspaper. Both projects initially considered the online transfer of the paper newspaper and offered small possibilities for interactivity. One of the first newspapers to offer more extensive and complete services was “Il Sole 24 Ore”, which aimed to offer navigators-readers a newspaper richer with updates, supplements, and special. “ Repubblica. it” begins to be present in the network relatively late (1996), which didn’t prevent it from being currently the online newspaper with the highest number of visitors per day.

Talking now about articles, I’ll share two articles that have most interested me. The first is an article about “La Stampa”, it talks about the German salary. The German government has approved the increase of the minimum wage to € 12 per hour, starting in October.

The second is an article of “La Repubblica”, Italy after -among others- Germany, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, and the Baltic Republics close its skies to Russian civilian aircraft. Russia in turn closes the skies to 36 adversity countries. I choose this article because as we know there is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia that affects everyone’s life a lot.

Over time, the newspaper has assumed increasing importance in society, helping to form the so-called public opinion. We have to read more, form personal thinking because we’re part of the word and we must always keep informed about it.

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