Do you know how much is a BITCOIN?

The currency of uncertain wealth

The BITCOIN it’s like an online version of cash created by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO.
Satoshi Nakamoto is the person or the group of people who developed bitcoin currency. In fact they are anonymous
and pseudonymous and created a decentralised, digital commodity which is now worth globally
more than a trillion of dollars.
You can use bitcoins to buy products and services but not many online shops are currently accepting bitcoin and
some countries have banned it altogheter.

Bitcoin has a value that goes up and down every day. In the last months of 2021 for example, bitcoin has been dropping a lot in price: from seventy thousand euros it has reached thirtyeight thousand euros. You cannot know if it will go up or it will go
The forecast is that bitcoin price will go down because in some countries are starting to consider it as a
common currency (like in the state of Salvador in central America).

Bitcoin is among the most famous virtual coins and there may be the possibility in the future that these currency can be used daily.
We really hope that this article arouse the curiosity of the readers that maybe will decide to buy some Bitcoin and they can become rich.

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Gioele Marku, Massimiliano Serra



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