Diversity is still a topic that, in addition to being very delicate, is current and recurrent in every type of sphere, starting from the political one up to, for example, the cultural and social one. Diversity, being a broad and general theme, can be divided into many aspects, including ethnic and racial, sexual and social.

“Different”, in fact, can be considered the foreigner, who differs from us by the color of the skin, the language spoken, the customs and traditions.

“Different” can be considered the person who differs through sex, who can therefore develop a mentality that is at times different from ours, in addition of course to tastes that are visibly different in the way of dressing and in the way of doing things in the life of everyday.

“Different” can also be considered the person who radically differentiates himself through his income, the so-called division into social classes.

“Different” can also be considered people who are in a wheelchair or with serious physical or mental problems.

Unfortunately, the word “different” is typically used by many in a pejorative and purely negative sense.

But if we manage to relate quietly, some more or less, with these people who we consider “Different”, it means that all these differences are not there!

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