The word diversity derives from the Latin diversitas and is a very heavy word nowadays. Today we can speak of religion, skin, thought, nationality and many other forms of diversity: all of these are different types of intolerance due to diversity.

The greatest intolerance occurs at school where children discriminate other children of the same age or even younger. Leaving school, the situation does not change – on TV many people fight over different thoughts, either political or personal ones. I think that in society there are men and women who should be more responsible than us – the world should struggle for peace, even when there are different opinions involved.

To conclude, nowadays it is extremely rare to find people who respect the others, just because they are different from us. Nontheless, as many philosophers said, without diversity there is no life.

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Ermanno Tamburo


2B, Scuola Secondaria I grado, Gagliano C.to