Year 2020 has been  a particularly difficult one, because of the “COVID-19” emergency that led the Italian government to close schools like in other areas of the world.

In order to allow students to continue studying, schools have organized their work by creating new study tools: thus “Distance learning teaching” was adopted. In this way teachers and students are involved in the teaching-learning process through the use of computers and videoconferences.

Distance learning is a means by which  all the school population can continue the learning path while remaining in their own homes and therefore physically distant.

However, distance learning forces us to learn in solitude in front of a screen, crumbling the relationships created between classmates, and between pupils and teachers. Moreover,  sometimes, some students have bad good connections or no suitable devices, even if schools can provide with computers or tablets the ones who make a request.

To sum up, we trust in scientific research so we hope that a cure for this virus can be found as soon as possible in order to be able to go back to school in safety.

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Samuele Mazzerbo