In the past, distance learning has always been used by all those people who did not have the possibility to move for teaching, for example, sick people and disabled people.

This term indicates a type of training and teaching that is carried out at distance and therefore there is no direct contact between students and teachers, in fact the meeting takes place through the use of technological means.
With the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, distance learning has become compulsory in all schools. In some periods in which the spread of the virus was greater there were 100% of the students who took lessons from home, using the different means that each one possessed; while in other periods the students have alternated between face to face and distance lessons.

Distance learning has advantages, but also disadvantages. Among the advantages there is the fact that the students and teachers do not move from home to go to school, saving time, avoiding traffic and pollution. Especially in the historical period in which we live, distance learning in very useful to guarantee all students, young and old, to continue the training and didactic activities, even if not in presence. It guarantees a certain stability in the encounter between teachers and pupils, because relationships for children and young people are essential for the personal growth of each one. Despite these advantages, there are also disadvantages: one of them is certainly the decrease in concentration and attention during online lessons, because there are more distractions at home than at school. Another disadvantage is the little interaction between students and teachers, but also between classmates themselves. Another problem of distance learning is also internet connection, which is often very slow; this problem is common when there are more people in a family who need these means to teach or to learn.

Young people associate school with a place of socialization, growth and comparison; instead, distance learning is associated with stress, boredom and greater irritability.

The pandemic in general has changed our lives and habits; also the school routine of teachers and students has completely changed with the onset of distance learning. Despite the downsides, distance learning has allowed young students to continue their education path, though in a completely different way. However, we hope that this difficult time will soon end and that we can return to the desired normality!

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Vanessa Sanfilippo


III A Liceo Classico


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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