Distance education, a positive experience?

Today, because of Covid, distance learning has increasingly taken over our daily lives and we had to get used to a completely different way of doing school.

There are several positive aspects of this type of learning, in fact, you can stay at home warm and take the courses even from your own bed, without getting up early to prepare, besides we are not conditioned by school schedules because you can have a snack when you want and between classes, there’s always a 10-minute break. It should also be added that by attending classes online or even just working from home you do not need to wear a mask. However, with the passage of time, distance learning has greatly influenced social relations, staying six hours behind a screen without laughing with classmates and teachers makes the days very boring and sad and it has a bad psychological influence on children. During the video lessons you can be disturbed by family members, for example, it is not a novelty if your mother does the household cleaning, and students easily lose attention also looking at their phones or simply doing activities not related to the lesson. Also during DAD, practical activities are impossible to carry out, for example, physical education, not to mention the connection problems that prevent the good following of the lesson.

For many guys distance learning is not a positive experience and it should be abolished they find the lessons in the presence more enjoyable and less stressful.

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Siracusa Laura


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