Differences between Chinese and Italian food

Have you ever tried Chinese food? Italian table habits are different from Chinese ones.

In China rice is the main food and it is like bread on the Italian table, it should never be missing! The Chinese dish is composed of rice with meat, vegetables and soybean sauce (豆腐). In Italy, in restaurants or at home during the holidays, the courses have a precise order: the appetizer that serves to open the meal (开开胃); the first course (pasta, rice or soups depending on the region); the second course (meat or fish) with side dishes (salad, vegetables or potatoes); dessert or fruit. In Italy there is only one feast, but during the festivities many courses are cooked. Usually you eat rice (米) with vegetables, steamed or cooked in a pot (锅); from soup (汤) to pork rib soup and preperita (排骨汤); it is cooked with pork meat, carrots, potatoes, corn.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on Tuesday, February 1st and is the year of the tiger and one of the most important holidays of the year. On that day, many dishes are served: fried noodles (炒面), pig’s trotter (猪蹄), nian gao (年糕), dumpling (饺子), fish (鱼), sweet potato, flour (红薯粉).

The must-have dish on our table is nian gao. Many people get together and cook this dish, which is made of sticky rice and sticky rice paddies. Tradition says that eating nian gao on New Year’s Eve is a good omen: it means longevity and growing taller and greener.

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William Wang, David Wang, Giulio Huang