“Did We abolish Frost

The Summer would not cease –

If Seasons perish or prevail

Is optional with Us –“

This is a poem by Emily Dickinson, the famous American poet of the 19th century.

She wrote lots of poems and is considered one of the most important poet of the so called “American Renaissance” and in general of  American literature, also because, together with Walt Whitman she was the founder of the poetry of American Literature.

Her poems are very deep and emotional.

This poem, even though, is very short it makes us think about our lives, OUR CHOICES IN LIFE.

Emily Dickinson spent most of her life in seclusion and isolation, the only company she had was nature. This was her choice.

We have the power to choose upon our live.

 If we abolish frost, we may see only the sun, the heat and the summer.

If we abolish “frost” from our live, if we abolish winter , we may only live summer , if we abolish negative things and darkness from our live we can see the light, so that we could live longer in summertime.

Because we have the power to  decide, we choose if winter or summer will  triumph.

This may be a very important lesson during the” Hard Times “we are living.

This has been defined a period of darkness, sadness, depression .

Of course we have to face the truth, we know these are hard and sad periods, but in our live we can try to let the sunshine in, try to enjoy the little things, and all in all try not to lose power upon ourselves and our choices in life.

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