DI4RI, the new Netflix series that is becoming popular on social networks

A group of seventh grade students is struggling with the difficult transition from childhood to adolescence. Many are the many themes touched on in the series including dyslexia, anxiety to grow up, acceptance, loneliness and parental separation. Singer Tancredi will be the guest star of two episodes. This new production is developed in a total of 15 episodes, directed by Alessandro Celli and is produced by Simona Ercolani’s Stand By Me. Now, after the long explanation, let’s move on to the plot and the characters … The series revolves around the stories of eight companions of class and friends who, in Marina Piccola, face the first joys and pains of life. The latter will find themselves struggling with feelings, first crushes, coming out, first kisses, sports, quarrels, music, fun and fears typical of that stage of life. Furthermore, a few weeks after the end of school, they discover that their school is destined to close and that therefore, from the following year, they will attend different classes.Each episode will be told by one of the protagonists and this acts as a kind of personal diary read aloud and addressed to the spectators. In this, however, the first episode is an exception in which to narrate will be a double voice, that of Pietro in the first part and that of Livia in the second. In the cast of “Di4ri” we will find above all novice actors. We are talking about: Andrea Arru in the role of Pietro; Flavia Leone in those of Livia; Sofia Nicolini in the role of Isabel; Biagio Venditti in that of Daniele; Federica Franzellitti as Monica; Liam Nicolosi in those of Giulio; Pietro Sparvoli in the role of Mirko and Francesca La Cava in those of Arianna.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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