Depp vs Heard 

A social media-court battle 

All social media communities have been talking for weeks about one thing in particular: the Depp-Heard court fight. On plate there are fifty million dollars asked by Depp. As said in the article “Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard, il processo dell’anno sotto i riflettori” ,by the heading of “Harper’s Bazaar”, the notorious actor Johnny Depp has been accused on an op-ed published on the “Washington Post” ,in December 2018 ,by his ex wife, the actress Amber Heard, of being an abusive husband. This has cost Depp many roles in movies, as the role of Captain Jack Sparrow for Disney. In addition to all that, Depp claims he has lost approximately forty million dollars. Furthermore, he has also been put under a bad light to the eyes of the public opinion. 

But things have changed since this courtship began. Miss Heard has turned out to be the abusive element in the couple, by always treating Depp badly, leading him to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. 

All of the drama culminated in one particular event: in 2015, during the shooting of the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” Depp and Heard were at their home in Australia, when after a furious quarrel Heard threw a glass bottle to Depp, causing a wound to his finger. This is not an easy case to deal with, but the community has made its choice, and the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp has reached the monstrous number of ten billion posts around the internet. 

I think that we can not say for sure what happened during the relationship step by step, but it has become clear that the victim of this marriage is Depp.

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