The Christmas letter that moved the web.

What do you write to Santa Claus? There are those who write to have a toy, an Iphone and those just a little love. To publish it on Twitter is the “USPS”, the American postal service, which, like every year, is responsible for creating a special column dedicated to the letters for Santa Claus received by children every year.

Among the many letters sent, there is that of Will who moved the web,

“Dear Santa Claus – writes Will– do you support the LGBTQ + community? And if you can talk to God, can you tell him that I love him and if he loves me despite being gay? Thank you, with love … Will

The boy’s sweet and sad words touched the hearts of many people and his family.

What if this happened in Sicily? Being homosexual many times is tantamount to being discriminated against or to seeing manifestations of “tolerance”, as if having a different sexual orientation were intolerable. War is intolerable, misogyny, racism but not the choice of whom to love!

According to Fabrizio Marazzo, an expert in strategic consultancy, discrimination is present both in the north and in the south of Italy, but it can vary according to the size of the city or country in question. In Palermo as in Milan bullying is constant and it is thought that in big cities we have greater protection, but this is not the case.

Mr Marazzo claims everything arises from the fear of speaking. Often those who are discriminated against do not speak to their parents or friends and this leads many people to suicide. From some polls done on Instagram, about 70% of people to the question “Is it easier for a homosexual to live in the city or in a village?” answered “In the city“. Why?

Social media lead us to understand, through statistics and posts, that within the villages, especially in Sicily, a closed mentality still exists and the desire for freedom of people who want to be accepted by society is growing more and more. And how does Southern Italy respond? There are even reports of exorcisms from the south!

In any case, the so-called “restorative therapies”, are considered a shame by the LGBT community because they are based on an unacceptable manipulation of personalities.

In a country where a high percentage of juvenile suicides are due to homophobic pressures, we need to find some seriousness and focus on people.

Martina Armeli Gricio

V E  Sala e Vendita 

Istituto Superiore FEDERICO II ENNA 

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