Days of Memory…

These days the news shows and you hear only about the war between Russia and Ukraine, that sadness. I  just heard about war only from my grandparents’ memories and in the “Days of Memory”, and I never  thought to see and think that this horrible war still exists. In my opinion, the war in 2022 is unacceptable  and dialogue is the only winning weapon. I think that this war is unjustifiable in today’s times, it means that  history has not taught us anything at all, so why do we remember what happened in the death camps  during the Second World War? Do I have a blind spot in my head because the Russians have to bomb their  neighbors? But above all because the children who did not even know the term “WAR” must lose their  lives. I hope that all this will end soon and that the Ukrainians can resume their life as before, and I hope  that the whole world can live in peace.

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Lorenzo Sciuto


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