Unfortunately, these days we have to deal with the use of drugs by a great number of adolescents. They sometimes start using them to ‘escape’ from a particular family situation, to satisfy their curiosity to try something new or because of their need to be accepted by peers.

Regrettably, we know that drug is a substance that damages our body and brain in an irreversible way. Besides, it leads to addiction and even death.

The substances contained in drugs act in our brain and they are able to change our psychophysical balance. At first, after taking drug, you experience a state of euphoria and a sense of well-being, together with confidence in yourself. That’s why addicted people think everything is possible, with the risk of putting themselves in dangerous situations. After that, however, they often feel sad, nervous and tired. By increasing quantities of drug, the addicted person can also have hallucinations, feel disoriented and be aggressive towards other people. Therefore, it is easy to understand what effect drugs may have on adolescents’ life.

So, I address young people: don’t use drugs, life is beautiful!

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Ilary Licari


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