From July, the 3rd to July the 24th the secondary school students of our city will be able to sign up to the English Language Summer Camp.

The location is the agritourism “La Fattoria”, a few kilometers far from our city.

In addition to the English language course, the students will be able to do many sport activities such as swimming, playing soccer, tennis and jogging.

The lessons will be held in the morning by a mother tongue teacher, then after lunch time recreative activities will start: sport, excursions and relax.

English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 53 countries and it is spoken by around 400 million people across the globe. It is used everywhere when people of different countries want to communicate; then, if you like songs and you want to understand the meaning of lyrics, you’d better to learn English because most of the modern songs are written in English. In the same way, English is important for movies, too.

If you like to travel abroad you need to speak English, because everybody speaks English in other countries.

Wherever you go, you can communicate using English language, not only in the UK, in the USA or in Australia but also in Asia, Europe and Africa a lot of people are native English speakers or they learn English at school.

Another good reason to learn English is knowing other cultures. English culture is very ancient and it is full of interesting traditions.

A very important reason to learn English is the communication with the world of labour. Most of the largest companies need employees who speak English. Even before starting a job you need English to write a curriculum, then you will use it to communicate with customers, providers and colleagues.

Learning English can really open new doors for you and will make a difference in your Life.

For further informations: english.summerschooluzzano@comune.it or 0572 444856



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