Cyberbullying is bullying with the use of social media such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook.

Cyberbullying takes place when the bully at issue feels superior and discriminates against others.

 Many times the victims of cyberbullying fall into depression or commit suicide.

1) How do we perceive being victims of cyberbullying? 

2) How can the problem be addressed? 

1) The bully begins to make fun of and criticize the “victim”. 

2) The victim must not withdraw into himself but ask an older person for help. 

Many times this phenomenon happens because the bully feels superior or stronger, and then starts to denigrate the victim. We know that social media, if not used in the right way, can become dangerous. 

The cyberbully can steal a person’s identity by posting it on various websites, access to all personal data: address, telephone number, email, photos. 

There are many ways for this to happen on the web, not causing a damage to the person’s image, but above all psychological. For this reason, weaker individuals have tried to take their own lives.   

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Tania Di Prima


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