Creativity is important for personal growth and helps us to learn new things. Well, in today’s article you’ll discover some ways to stimulate it, let’s start.

Write freely: take 10 minutes a day to write down everything that comes in, don’t judge it.

Listen to music: it stimulates the part of our brain that controls moviments, feelings and creativity, the classical genre is recommended but any kind of music is fine.

Try something new: what matters is to experience things different from the usual, such as new hobbies or recipes.

Laugh a bit: a positive mood can facilitate creativity, a good way could be to watch some funny videos or comedy films.

Meditate: take a deep breathe to regain your own balance and relax your mind. Divergent thinking is a state of mind that makes you generate new ideas.

Do something practical: use your hands, cook your favourite dish, paint on a canva, try to do DIY projects, get your hands dirty!

Exercise: when we are physically active, it’s easier to find solutions to problems and think. Take a long walk, choose the sport you like and dedicate time to it. Even your physical health will thank you.

I hope I’ve been helpful, see you in the next articles.

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