Covid again, huh? What’s up for the new year?

Covid, huh? How long has it been? It’s been about two years since the pandemic started, and there aren’t signs of it ending anytime soon. We all agree that it’s been a bummer, not being able to hang out with friends and family or go where the wind takes us, hell this is infuriating if you think about it. All my plans are ruined because of something completely out of my control, while I have to sit inside my house and wait as I hope for the better. Pretty dramatic if you ask me, still, it gets the idea across, and for some people, it may even be much too familiar. Despite all of that, right now we need to find new hope for the future that lies ahead and try to figure out what we have going for us.

So, as I always try to consider the silver linings, why don’t we take a look back in order to learn something useful from the past.

During the pandemic social distancing and isolation have been implemented as ways to reduce the cases of infection from the infamous virus SARS-CoV-2. But as time passed, and new waves of infections continued to postpone the return to a normal life, we gradually stopped trusting the significance of these practices. Our house has now become some sort of prison. Nevertheless, we must consider how to make the most of our free time now that we have so much of it.  First, it gives us a much-deserved breathing space, to consider calmly a plethora of aspects of our life. Maybe it’s an important choice you made that now you want to reconsider as you aren’t in such haste when you first made it or you want to figure out what are your interests and passions, but the point is that in our past everyday life everything was about rushing, so what’s bad about taking a step back now that we have the chance? Even for people who cannot stand their household and would rather instead spend less time possible there, it might be time for you to face your demons head-on.

Moreover, during these past two years, our relationship with technology has changed greatly. This was most noticeable during the first lockdown. Videocalls have become the new way of hanging out with family and friends, work from home practices is now a standard for almost anyone, even classes and tests are taken from the home.

It’s clear that technology has helped a lot getting through this dark period of our life by easing the strain of our daily life in social isolation and helping us realize what we needed the most, although in a roundabout way. That is, we should be much more grateful for every moment we can spend enjoying each other. Life is better when we are together, am I right?

In addition to this, there are also other lingering effects of having spent lots of time using electronic devices. We learned how to work with different programs, all the while trying to understand the scientific community better and to become top-tier hackers while looking for reliable information on the different types of vaccines.

So, in the end, this pandemic wasn’t all for naught, let’s just hope it will be handled better this year.

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Gianluca La Rocca


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