For two years now, we’ve been living everything we never thought we’d have in the future. Children, adolescents, adults, no one excluded, who in one way, who in another, is suffering a lot of this situation. February 2020, the month that changed our lives, so, without warning, unaware of everything we could have gone through, thinking it was just a very simple influence from the duration of 2 weeks, only that, unfortunately, that endless tunnel, that immense nightmare, what we thought would pass quickly, is not yet over. From that day on, from that newscast, with the first news, the first changes, fears, anxieties, unawareness, everything around us has changed; the first quarantine, the obligation to stay away from the people closest to us for fear of being able to harm him, by transmitting to him this great monster vigorous impossible to destroy. The first few days were the most ponderous to face,  but thanks to all the means of communication that fortunately we have, through video calls, which were the only effective method to always feel close to the loved ones, we’ve managed to make this period less dark. Through social media, with the famous phrase “Everything will be okay”, we have all found a way to give us so much strength, and through that, the whole world became a single country. For millions of families, it was not easy, there are those who lost their jobs due to the bankruptcy of companies or private activities, failing to carry on the family, to the point where buying food became a difficult thing. Many have lived this period with such sadness, reaching to have serious psychological disorders, due to loneliness and all that it entails.

Who would have thought that in such an advanced century a pandemic would come? Life, unfortunately, is unpredictable, it is precisely in these moments that you see a bit of luck in bad luck. What do I mean by this? When it all started I had just turned 15, a teenager, still a bit involuntarily child, with a thousand dreams and plans for the future in mind,  who thought about having fun in the years considered to be “the best of our lives”. Surely these famous adolescent years will never return, but, despite that, I am proud of how I have faced and I continue to face the hardships that life puts me in front of. Now I’m 17 years old, this situation has changed me a lot, I grew up and matured too quickly at the same time, I no longer see things as a dreamer child, I have learned and I’m learning to simply appreciate the small moments, that are in the company of friends, parents, grandparents, but above all I learned to appreciate the moments with myself, to love and accept myself, as I am and to take care of myself. I realized how important friendship is, like a diamond to be carefully guarded; how good it is to have someone to share all the endless days, which seemed never to end. I also realized how important the family is, through this experience, we spent every single day together, sharing joy, sadness, and fear, moments together, that had not passed for years. I mean this by saying “I’ve seen some luck in bad luck.” Spending most of the time alone, I thought a lot, I thought about what the future would hold, what we were going to face, how this situation could have been resolved,  and whether it would ever have been resolved since, at the time, it was still hard to understand it as it was all a new chapter. In all this hustle and bustle, between adolescence, a thousand changes, so much negativity on the part of society, I never stopped carrying always a little sun, which simply helped me in those stormy days when everything seemed never to end, among the great lack of daily life.

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Bambaci Annalisa


4B2, IIS MEDI -Liceo Linguistico


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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