Covid-19: the end?

On January 30th, 2020, following a report from China, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus in China a public health emergency of international concern. In Italy, as in other countries, these have been difficult months, spent locked up in our houses without being able to see our family or friends. But from April 1st, the state of emergency is officially over and we can finally return to our normal lives.

Despite this, the number of infected people increases every day by leaps and bounds. I think that we will never return to the lifestyle we led before the pandemic, but I still have hope that somehow we can return to a similar to the one we had before. Covid-19 will continue to circulate but in a less severe form among us and I think that the only way to “curb” it is to get vaccinated.

These two years have been frustrating for all of us, especially as teenagers. During adolescence, we want to have fun and spend our time together, but this has been “taken away” from us. In particular, the use of technology has changed our habits, because we use it for actions that we carried out in presence before the advent of coronavirus. Technological devices are very useful but the desire of physical “experience” remains. Most of the teens, during the pandemic, developed anxiety, sleep issues, and even depression. In Italy, 28% of the teens dropped out of school because it was tiring to attend online classes.

Hopefully, the emergency will be over soon. Of course, we will not be the same: covid has changed us, even if we may not realise it. The first thing that I am going to do? It is traveling, because I would love to visit London with my family one day. “Hope” is the last thing to die.

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Daniele Najara


2° B Liceo Linguistico


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