Covid-19 has changed our life

Covid has now become a topic we hear about every day and after 2 years we are now used to living with it, but now that the state of emergency is over we can talk about it in a better way than before, many restrictions will no longer exist and we can hope to totally return to normal life.

The pandemic has forced us to stay at home and not be able to see the people we care about, the lockdown period and the pandemic in general have helped me to grow mentally, I have learned that if something bad is far from us it does not mean that it is can’t reach us and with this therefore not to be indifferent to what happens in the world.

As I said before, being closed at home did not allow us to be with the people we care about: friends, relatives. Fortunately the relationship with my friends hasn’t changed much because we always tried to keep in touch, instead I noticed a change in the relationship with the rest of the world, it’s difficult to get close to people and create a bond, now that we have forged a “phobia” being isolated from others, by this I mean that it is difficult to meet new people.

It is strange to think that two years have already passed since the pandemic broke out, it seems that time has passed very quickly, yet in the worst moments the days seemed to never pass.
In a while everything will be back to normal and we will finally stop wearing the mask indoors. It will be very strange after we get used to wearing it all the time.

It will be strange to see people entirely without having to observe only their eyes.

Without the obligation of the mask we will all feel a little freer, but it is obvious that we must always be prudent and responsible.

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Elisabetta Finocchio


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