May 2021, just over a year has passed, since the specter of Covid-19 has entered overwhelmingly into the lives of all of us.

From that moment nothing has been the same: everyone at home, all closed, deserted streets, no school, swimming pool, gym, work, friends, no more hugs or contacts. So much bewilderment, discouragement, fear of something we didn’t know how to deal with. Of those days we are accompanied by images of doctors, caparisoned nurses who faced this invisible enemy every day, yes because only they and a few others did not stop in those days, but continued to fight. Among them was my father, a professional nurse. I will do a short interview with him so we will try to understand how he lived those moments.

Can you tell us where you work?

I am a professional nurse and I work at the San Marco hospital in Catania, which was transformed into a Covid hospital during the health emergency.

Almost all the departments have been closed and readjusted to the emergency in progress. My department, nephrology and dialysis and very few others admitted only patients from the emergency room.

How did you feel when you first heard about Covid?

I initially underestimated the problem, not thinking it could affect the whole world and cause all these victims.

You had to go to work every day as usual. Were you afraid?

I love my job and the discomfort that sometimes took me was overcome by the desire to help patients. Of course at work we used the right precautions and this helped us to work with serenity.

Yours wasn’t a Covid ward, but have you ever come face to face with this virus?

Certainly. In the ward we have had several positive patients and among my fellow nurses and also doctors there have been infections. In fact, I too have had to undergo the swab many times. I do not hide my fear in these cases when I had to go home and I had to take all the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of a possible infection to my family.

What is the situation in your hospital one year later?

The infections have decreased considerably and therefore also hospitalizations have suffered a decline. Many departments have resumed their normal activities. 

Medical and nursing staff were among the first to be vaccinated. Your thoughts on the future. 

Yes, I was vaccinated in January and even if the vaccination campaign went a little slow, today we can be optimistic. I would like to say as a nurse and as a citizen who has lived this experience closely that we must never underestimate this virus, because letting your guard down would mean nullifying all the work done so far, a few rules are enough to follow with diligence.

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