It would be a little strange to interview something that is invisible and above all evil, but if you are a curious person such an event can also happen.

Waiting for the bus, on June 11, 2020, came to mind a question that I should have asked myself months ago: “Why have we had so much bad luck that we end up in this pandemic?” The only person who could answer me was, guess what… but Covid-19, of course, is the architect of all this!  I went to a hospital and started interviewing him:

-Hello Covid-19. It’s a little strange to interview you: you’ve caused a lot of people suffering, even if you did it to survive.

– You’re right, but when you’re a virus, that’s your job.

– Yes, you’re actually not wrong. Would you have liked to be something else?

-To tell you the truth my dream is to be a butterfly, free in the sky, or a jazz artist, which would have earned me so much fame.

-Well, in the end you became famous anyway: nothing in the world is about anything but you!

– True, in the end a part of my dream came true.

– But soon you’re going to have to leave us, the vaccine’s here.

-It will mean that I will have to look for some other living being to live: have you ever seen sneezing bees or a coughing badger?

-No, but that would be fun. Are you more of a positive type or a negative type?

– It depends on the occasions, don’t you think?

– Fair observation, I’m like that, too. Oh, the bus’s coming, I have to go; it was funny to talk to you

– Same thing, I never talked to a human. See you soon.

– I don’t want to see you soon, actually.

-You’re right, sorry!

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