Coronavirus or Covid19 is a contagious virus that originated in China and spread rapidly around the world. We have been living with it for more than two years, now. This pandemic has changed the way we live, causing everyone to panic and fear.  It interrupted our daily life, forced us to lock ourselves in the house and go out only in extreme cases, imposed many rules on us such as the obligation to wear a mask so as not to infect us, the use of hand disinfectants and the distance of security between two or more people. The symptoms are many: fever, cough, sore throat, headache, loss of smell and taste and has also caused many victims.  Unfortunately, I lived this horrible experience being locked in a room for two weeks so as not to infect my family. This virus is robbing us of many things, such as hugs, kisses, parties, trips and much more.  We will always remember these years, they will remain in our minds like bad memories, we will tell them to our children, we will tell everything we have been through, life has profoundly marked us, especially adolescence. In the latter period, special vaccines have been created and I hope that soon all this will end and we will return to lead our lives with tranquillity and serenity.  I want to be super optimistic!

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Antonella Statella


I.O. Don Bosco – E.Majorana, Troina – classe 3A, Scuola Secondaria I grado, Gagliano