Comment of “Russia uses new laser weapons in Ukraine, Zelenskiy mocks the wonder weapon”

Creating new weapons that take advantage of the laser system is something considered science fiction.

Well, the reality is quite different: as reported in the article “Russia uses new laser weapons in Ukraine, Zelenskiy mocks ‘wonder weapon'”, published on, Russia has laser weapons capable of blinding the opposing drones up to at a radius of 1.5 kilometers.

Yury Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of military development,at a conference spoke of even more powerful weapons, capable of burning drones up to 5 km. In the article we also find the comment by Ukrainian President Zelenskiy who considers these laser weapons as “wonder weapons”, the sole purpose of which is to create propaganda and deter the enemy.

Although it is still a means of propaganda, it does not mean that the use of these weapons should be underestimated. The article itself reports that the US, Russia and China have been working for years to create new laser weapons.

But in all this a question arises: will all this work, all the scientific research necessary to make these weapons, ever lead to global peace? The answer is obvious. The world, right now, doesn’t need new laser weapons capable of burning enemy drones. The world needs to find its own peace, and war does not lead to world peace.

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Alberto Messina