• Harry Syles: American artist who became famous thanks to the group “ 1 directon ” now very popular also as a soloist
  • Billie Eilish: Twenty year old American artist well known thanks to her songs: ocean eyes and bad guy.
  • Conan Gray: Much loved by the public since he released his first album featuring two world-famous singles Maniac and Heather.

In the audience there are many celebrities such as:

  • Andreas Muller:  Italian dancer, winner of ‘’Amici 2017’’.
  •  Vanessa Hudgens: American actress, starred in the lead role in ‘’High School Musical’’.
  • Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart and Vanessa Morgan :  Actresses of a much loved serie ‘’Riverdale ”

Camping is also common at Coachella, and began at the 2002 festival. Guests who decide to camp stay at a nearby polo field, next to the lawn used for the festival grounds. Camping at Coachella is confined to tents, and there are a number of rules in place to prevent damage and pollution of the grounds. For example, glass, alcohol, open fires, and cooking devices are not allowed on the campgrounds. Also, on the lawn where the music and art takes place, guests are prohibited from bringing blankets, chairs, outside food and beverage, audio recording equipment, professional cameras, and of course drugs and alcohol.

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