Christmas nowadays

We are living in a special historical period. Unfortunately, we have been living in a strange and difficult pandemic situation for three years.

Especially during the holidays, we realize how much this situation has changed us, not only from the point of view of lifestyle but above all from a character and sentimental point of view. We have been forced, and still are, to keep distance and limit contact with people and not to frequent many places, especially the crowded ones.

Unhappily, this terrible period hit us in one of the most important moments, that of adolescence. All this has caused a radical change of lifestyle that has not allowed us to live many experiences.

During the Christmas period, we have learned how significant it is to have important people in our lives to be together, values that unfortunately have been lost in recent years because of the pandemic situation. 

In this period, however, these values seem to meet again. We spend more time with our friends and with our families.

Unfortunately, it isn’t for everyone, for this reason we feel very lucky, as we have a family that loves us, friends who love us, and other things that often seem trivial, but that many others don’t have.

We think it’s true that Christmas makes everyone better, but we also think it’s right that everyone does everything possible to help others at any time of the year. All this must be teaching us for life and also teach us how important it is the presence of other people in our life, but sadly how easy it can be to stay away from the people we love or even, in extreme cases, even lose them. For this reason, it is nice to spend as much time as possible with friends and family during the Christmas holidays, obviously keeping the right precautions.

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Giulia Stracquadaini and Mario Tropea



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