The city of Gela organized a charity collection of toys, helped by the church of Santa Lucia, the “Motoclub Gela Centauri” and the group “Scout AGESCI GELA 5”

Christmas is an important holiday but, we know, not everyone can celebrate it properly;a lot of people ,in fact, have lost their job and home. This initiative has the goal to donate toys to poor children, who live in unlucky families that can’t afford to buy them.

  The event took place in Gela on Saturday 18th December at 10 a.m. starting with the meeting of the group of riders at “Piazza Umberto I”, with a lot of participation of riders in and out the “motoclub”. The ride, lead by “Motoclub Gela Centauri”, was through the street of the city. The people who where present brought some bags full of toys.

We decided to make it a charity event, helped by the church of Santa Lucia together with their scouts. Talking with them and following their ideas for charity we came up with this project: organize an event where everyone can donate some toys to make presents for poor children.

Me and my father created the poster to advertise the event and catch as many people as possible; after that we found and talked with the sponsors and spread the posters all over the city.

I was surprised and happy when i saw so many people, some of them where even teenagers like me  and with their bikes they followed  the ride and bought some of their old toys; at the end of the ride we gave the bags to the scouts.

I enjoyed so much taking part to this important event  I think that we have done a good action, after all it was Christmas time for everyone and not just for  the luckiest of us. I really hope that those poor  children enjoyed the presents and that we can repeat this event the next Christmas maybe.

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