Christmas is an annual religious holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, which falls on December 25 and is celebrated by billions of people around the world. For centuries it has been the moment of joyful sharing par excellence and has always had a fascination for children; fascinated by the mythical figure of Santa Claus and by the arrival of his sleigh full of gifts.

But over time the concept of this holiday has changed as it has turned into a holiday based on increased business. We can say, however, that the Christmas period has always been the time of the year in which solidarity and social inclusion initiatives are concentrated; such as markets, concerts and shows organized to help those belonging to the most disadvantaged categories and the victims of marginalization. There are also many associations that are busy in this period to help make this holiday pleasant even for those who cannot afford to spend a Christmas in an atmosphere of peace and serenity. In fact, there are many examples that we can cite regarding this, such as the initiatives carried out by the MSF association (Doctors Without Borders) which for 50 years have brought the most important gifts to the most remote places: care, assistance and solidarity; helped by those who, by giving even at a distance, help to try to make happy even those who don’t have the possibility.

In addition, for some years also “Emergency”, the independent Italian Association born to offer free medical care to the victims of wars and poverty, has decided to combine its traditional proposals with some solidarity gifts to buy online to support patients in Italy and in the world. Among these gifts there is also the possibility of giving the warmth of a hug, the lightness of a caress to demonstrate the good you feel. At the appointment with Christmas at the forefront of solidarity, as always, the Italian “Red Cross “is also present together with Lidl Italia, which deals with the food distribution of panettone that will subsequently be sold by the Italian Red Cross in the squares . The proceeds from these sales will go to the most vulnerable people.

But this solidarity mustn’t only exist at Christmas but in all months of the year, in order to have a more united, full of brotherhood world.

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