We are in a delicate and difficult historical moment, the whole world is upset by COVID-19, a very powerful virus that has made millions of people sick, causing many deaths.

Our life and our habits changed,but the best Holiday of the year is coming:

I wonder what Christmas will be like without family lunches, without the warmth of hugs, without the good wishes exchanged with kisses, without the after dinner Bingo game.

The positive side is that we appreciate the things around us, that are under our eyes and that the most of the time go unnoticed, such as the caress of a parent, a good movie to watch all together, the twinkle of the tree lights or the scent of a freshly baked cake, like having a hot chocolate while it’s raining and cold outside, but also being wrapped in soft winter pajamas.

We can be calm, we can get bored, we can choose how to spend the day, while many people are hospitalized and, instead of wearing a warm sweater they wear masks and tubes, suffering in their solitude without being able to see their  loved ones, who could give them so much strength and courage to fight the disease.

This year we must experience Christmas with its true meaning, Christmas is light, Christmas is rebirth, Christmas is hope for the healing of the world.

The doctors are our angels, they too have rediscovered the value of being a doctor, not so much in the technical sense as in the practical an human sense. I am sure that thanks to their humanity they will help patients to better face their recovery.

Dear Santa Clause, we don’t want to turn off Christmas, this year the whole world is waiting for a gift under the tree: an effective vaccine to overcome the virus, available to everyone, rich and poor.

Thank you Santa, and I recommend that you wear a mask on your long journey!

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