China does not sign a stop to energy from coal

China does not sign a stop to energy from coal, does not present new commitments and increases production.
Result: schools and highways closed due to pollution.
In China’s leading newspapers, we read that China is the main source of pollution. This is no longer a climate conference. It’s a greenwashing festival for rich countries, said Greta Thunberg. The news from Beijing, which is paying for the effects of pollution, confirms you. Despite this, the main polluter in the world is not going to do much to decrease.
THE AGREEMENTS ON COAL AND THE GREAT ABSENT – After the failure to sign the agreement of 25 parties (between countries and financial institutions) to block by the end of 2022 new investments abroad related to energy from coal, oil and gas (to which not even India, Russia, Japan, Korea, France and Germany have joined), Beijing does not even sign the common commitment to exit coal “by the decade of 2030 (or as soon as possible thereafter) for the main economies and within the decade of 2040 (or as soon as possible thereafter) globally “. There are no China and India, but not even the United States and Australia. One wonders within what decade these powers would be ready to say
goodbye to coal. On the other hand, the major world producers from 2018 to 2021 (International Energy of
Energy data) are China, India, Indonesia and the United States. While Australia, with 58% of its
electricity coming from coal, has strong interests in building infrastructure, as it is the largest exporter in
the world.

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