Child exploitation is a social plague that has always afflicted society and which mainly affects children in Africa, Latin America and the poor countries of the world.

Instead of working incessantly and being exploited, children should have: the right to go to school, be protected from all forms of violence, live their childhood peacefully without being forced to do heavy or risky jobs such as those in the mines of Bolivia.

Unfortunately, in war-torn countries, many children are used as soldiers to fight alongside their fathers, and in the poorest parts of the world children are subjected to various forms of exploitation. unscrupulous entrepreneurs, for some money to earn, force them to produce various items, locked up in warehouses and forced to work for very long hours.

This is the case in Asian countries such as Pakistan where children are employed in textile factories because their little hands are fast and precise but not all children resist, some die, others rebel and are then severely punished and there are also those who try to escape , with or without success, despite the fact that Article 32 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child declares “the right of every child to be protected against exploitation” about 250 million children are subject to exploitation, which is the main consequence of poverty. In fact, poor families who do not receive aid from the state send their children to work in order to survive.

Another form of child exploitation is “prostitution” imposed by many parents on their daughters to be able to pay their debts or to earn a living. Child exploitation is therefore the violation of the rights of the child who, instead of working, should be educated and live a true childhood.

To change this sad reality, economic aid, scrupulous controls and strict laws would be enough to guarantee children the right to a peaceful childhood.

This issue has been focused by lots of literary works also in English literature. In particular Charles Dickens, during Victorian Age, highlighted children explotation in some of his novels such as “Oliver Twist”.

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