Hello, my name is Greco Giuditta and today I’d like to talk to you about a person I respect very much. Her name is Chiara Ferragni and she is an Italian digital blogger and designer entrepreneur. Maybe you already know her but if not, I want to introduce her to all of you!

Chiara is the daughter of Marco Ferragni and Marina Di Guardo, she was born on 7th May 1987 in Cremona and her zodiac sign is taurus, she has two younger sisters Francesca Ferragni born in 1989 in Cremona and Valentina Ferragni born on 29 December in Bolzano.

Chiara Ferragni is 1 meter and 77 cm tall, weighs 58 kg and some foods she likes are legumes, spelled, couscous and white meat. She doesn’t know how to cook very well but she really likes home-made food. Chiara Ferragni has many passions such as fashion and traveling. She is married to Fedez Lucia: in 2016 they announced their engagement and a year later Fedez asked her to marry him and she accepted. Shortly after she announced to her followers that she was pregnant and on 19th March 2018 Leone Lucia Ferragni was born and today 23rd March 2021 she had the second daughter Vittoria Lucia Ferragni.

Chiara Ferragni is the most famous Italian influencer: on Instagram she has 22.8 million followers, in 2010 she presented a line of shoes, in 2014 she officially became a blogger. In 2016 she became Pantene global ambassador, with Mattel she created her doll and in 2017 she was named the most important influencer.

In 2019 her documentary “Chiara Ferragni unposted” was released and in 2020 the song with BabyK “Is not enough for me anymore”. Today she has her own office and her own line of Chiara Ferragni collection clothes and accessories, in honor of Easter Chiara Ferragni’s Easter egg has also been released.

I admire her because she succeeds in whatever she does!

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