The hundred horse chestnut tree is a hymn to the power of nature. A majestic tree surrounded by stories, legends, magic.

It is only one of its oldest and largest species in the world and thefore it is included in the Guiness World Record list.

In 2008 it was recognized as a “Messenger of Peace Monument” by Unesco.

The hundred Horse Chestnut is located on the eastern slope at an altitude of 700 m. It is 22 m high and its trunk is divided into three trunks of 13-20-21 m. Scientists estimate it to be between 3000 and 4000 years old, the first scientific discovery was made by the Palermo botanist Filippo Parlatore in the 19th century.

Numbers of legends revolve around this beautiful tree. 

The most famous Legend tells that a queen, with her retinue of a hundred knights and ladies, was caught in a storm during a hunting trip and found shelter under this huge ancient chestnut tree.

The entire retinue was protected under its thick foliage throughout the stormy night. It is not known who the Queen was, some scholars believe it could be Joan of Aragon, others the Empress Isabella of England. Others believe it to be Joan I of Anjou.

It is recognized as one of the oldest trees in Europe, being around 4,000 years old.

The chestnut tree of a hundred horses is one of the many sights Sicily has to offer. The beautiful thing is how a tree can be so much noticed among the many spectacles of Sicily, also because a tree between Etna and the sea is nothing in comparison and this makes it a very special tree.

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D’Agata Lorenzo, Liotta Niccolò, Zappalà Francesco


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