Cole Sprouse is an actor born on August 4, 1992 in Arezzo.  He also has a twin brother named Dylan Sprouse who is also quite a famous actor.  He started acting in 2017 in the role of Jughad Jones in “Riverdale” and in 2019 he starred in the film “UN METRO DA TE”.

 JOURNALIST: Do you have a middle name?

 COLE: My middle name is Mitchell.

 JOURNALIST: How old are you?

 COLE: Today in 2021 I am exactly 29 years old, as I was born in 1992 on the 4th of August.

 JOURNALIST: What is your father’s name?

 COLE: My father’s name is Matthew Sprouse, since I was little he and my mother taught me the English language.

 JOURNALIST: And what is your mother’s name?

 COLE: My mother is called Melanie Wright who when I was just born she was an English teacher in Tuscany.

 JOURNALIST: Do you have a good relationship with your brother?

 COLE: I have a wonderful relationship with my brother Dylan, and if you talk about me you can’t help but mention my brother too.

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