Hi everyone, today I’m going to talk about the end of the rules regarding covid19.

Some have changed at work, at school, the use of the green pass, masks and quarantines. Here are some of the new ones:

The mask obligation remains until April 30 in all indoor places. The green pass will also remain until this date.

Those who test positive must stay at home for 7/10 days

At school, even with 4 (or more positive) activities continue for both teachers and pupils over the age of six, the use of the ffp2 mask is expected in the 10 days following the contact.

For teachers, until June 15th I must have the green pass, otherwise the penalty will be 100 euros and from April 1st they will be able to return to school with a simple negative swab.

These were just some of the new rules that have already been implemented since April 1st. In my opinion they are right, also because before there was the obligation of the green pass, there were many complaints, but now, as I wrote before, only the teachers will have the obligation. Having said that I hope that this pandemic will end as soon as possible and that everything will return to normal without any more changes.

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Sofia Torrisi


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