Treat yourself to a boat ride and explore the caves: this is a special way to discover the island. The caves of Ustica offer a natural spectacle that is not easy to find in other places. Your enchanted eyes will follow hundreds of light reflections that come into the coves of the caves.

The caves of Ustica are all different from each other and everyone gives a unique emotion.

The main caves of the island are:

  • Grotta Azzurra
  • Grotta Pastizza
  • Grotta Dell’Oro
  • Grotta Segreta

Grotta Azzurra

One of the most famous caves of Ustica is the “Blue Cave”. The origin of its name comes from the blue reflections of the water against light, more evident in the morning hours. In fact, the ancient name of this cave is “Cave of Water” because in ancient times it collected the water that dripped from the roof of the cave.

Blue Cave

Grotta Pastizza

The name of this cave originates from a rock named “Pastizza” (Pasticcio), formed by a series of cavities which communicate to each other; in one of them you can see the statue of the Patron Saint of the island, San Bartolomeo. The play of light is very suggestive and, moreover, the cave is popular for fascinating  diving .

Pastizza Cave

Grotta dell’Oro

It is named “Dell’Oro” (golden cave) not because the cave has got this precious metal, but more simply because of the yellowish coloration of volcanoes laden with sulphur. You enter inside comfortably by boat and it will be your mission to discover it in detail.

Grotta Segreta

It is called “Secret Cave” because it’s not always mentioned in the tourist maps of the island and not many tourist guides know how to arrive there, but it’s exactly for this reason that it’s unique. The cave is a vast environment that was excavated by the sea, where in the middle of it you can find a kind of “sea-water pool”. The place is impressive like few others, you will feel cut off from the rest of the world, but in a positive way. An experience like that would pay off, alone, the entire holiday.




Basile V., Mattina G., Famularo F.


IV A – Turismo
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