Every year, from the Church of San Giuseppe, a suggestive procession of horses and riders , called the Cavalcata of San Giuseppe, starts through the streets of the city of Scicli. Figures representing St.Joseph and Virgin Mary guide the procession that passes through the various districts where bonfires, called “Pagghiari are set up by the knights and the people following the cavalcade with  bundles of stubble called “ciaccàre”.

Horses are harnessed with mantles of cuds, called “bàlicù”, of various colors’ and wild lilies composed in a way to represent religious scenes or symbols of the city. Cowbells, rattles, headboards, and other ornaments complete the harnesses, so on 19th March they merge with the religious procession of St. Joseph. The representation re-enacts the Flight into Egypt of Joseph and Mary, after the edict of Herod. On Saturday evening in the Cavalcade in the churchyard of San Giuseppe a dinner is held , during which typical products are advertised to collect offerings for the parish and the poor, and the horses and riders of the Cavalcade wait for the prize for  the best  flowered mantles. In these two years, the Cavalcade did not take place because of COVID-19. For this reason, the floral bellows are not exposed and the bonfires are not lit as usual.

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Bufardeci Asia, Carbone Alessia, Caruso Maria Ausilia, Fidone Rebecca, Giuffrè Iris, Rinzo Noemi, Savà Pietro


2 C Liceo Scientifico ” Q. Cataudella” Scicli(RG)
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