Catanzaro-Campobasso: the play-off zone is becoming more and more concrete

After the 3-0 victory against Campobasso, Catanzaro still holds on to second place, followed by Avellino and Palermo. The match was played only by the home team that opened the match at the 43rd of the first half with a penalty converted by Iemmello, who will score another beautiful goal at the 12th of the second half.

The game was later closed by a goal by the midfielder Bombagi, 9 minutes from the final whistle. Disappointing performance of the Campobasso which did not manage to find the victory for three days, however it is positioned 12th in the standings, thus safe also for this year.

The sporting union Catanzaro was founded in 1929 by Nicola Ceravolo, to whom the stadium where the team plays its home games is named. He counts seven seasons in the Italian top league (Serie A), in which the best placings were seventh and eighth. Catanzaro was re-founded in 2006 and in 2011 due to financial problems.

Since its foundation the official colors of the club have been red and yellow. The team has used these colors predominantly in their outfits, frequently playing in either all-red kits with yellow trims or in red and yellow stripes. The clubs official emblem is an eagle, in honor of the city’s coat of arms.

The club has won seven championships since its founding. Six of these were in the third division. The final championship was won in 1953. In this year, the club were also national title holders after winning the Scudetto.

At national level, the club were appointed champion together with Rome, Alessandria, Verona, Naples, Triestina and Palermo in the Cup of the Alps when competing for the Italian Federation.

In the Italian Cup, Catanzaro’s best results were runners-up in ’65/’66 and semi-finalists ’78/’79 and ’81/’82.

We have been waiting quite a long time to come to the fore, hopefully, soon Catanzaro will be back.

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