Castelluccio di Gela: between reality and legends.

There is a place in Gela where the past, mystery and reality meet. This is Castelluccio di Gela – a castle that is in a state of disrepair and unfortunately cannot be visited. The castle is located near Gela, exactly seven km on a plaster hill, which most likely warned the population in case of possible attacks by enemies, although the castle was probably used only as a simple residential building.

 It doesn’t look like a royal castle because it has no mosaics or other decorations, but the limestone blocks still make it look very imposing.

Many people believe that it had several floors, which is very probable, although today you can only see some places dedicated to the armory and some residential halls. Many believe that it even hides a tunnel that can reach the Church of San Benedetto in Gela.

After several attempts to be restored, the castle remained in a state of disrepair and today, due to frequent vandalism, it can no longer be visited.

However, as any place has its legends, Castelluccio is not excluded. It is said that in the past the castle was inhabited by a beautiful tall girl who cared for horses, while her husband had celebrations with important people and people believed that her voice could “enchant” anyone. Nothing wrong with that, since she was a beautiful woman – the weird thing is that she used to disappear every time someone tried to approach her.

Another legend tells of an armed knight, who, like the beautiful castellana, disappears every time someone tries to talk to him. Many people said that there were horrible shadows around the castle, that most likely tried to guard a treasure, which was indeed never found and which was not even mentioned in any document of the castle.

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Denisa Mihaela Nagy



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