Caroline Christine Walter was born in 1850 in Germany in a very poor family. She had a very affectionate sister.

Unfortunately, their parents died, and the sisters went to live at their grandmother’s house in Freiburg. Caroline became a beautiful girl and she was very loved by everyone, in particular a teacher fell in love with her. The relationship between the girl and the professor was getting stronger and stronger. 

But at 17, Caroline fell ill with tuberculosis and died a few weeks later. Her sister was devastated by grief and decided to have an impressive life-size tomb statue created depicting Caroline’s beauty. Above the hand of the statue there was an open book with the inscription “it is surely God’s will to separate from what is dearest to you”.

 After a few weeks, a strange event happened: Caroline’s sister noticed that a flower was placed on top of the book. The next day a different flower and the next day yet another flower. Today, nearly 200 years later, a new flower still appears every day above that book. It is thought that it was Caroline’s enamored professor who initiated that tradition and passed it down from generation to generation.



Carla Sottile


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