Carnival is a festival linked to the Catholic and Christian worlds; its origins go back to the Saturnalia of ancient Rome or the Dionysian festivals of the classical Greek period. During these festivities, it was allowed to let loose, free oneself from obligations and commitments, and enjoy fun games and jokes. Also, a pecularity of the Carnival festivities was disguise. Disguise made the rich and the poor unrecognisable, and social differences disappeared. The proverb associated with carnival is derived from the ancient Latin saying ‘semel in anno licet insanire’, which means “once a year you are allowed to go mad”. Carnival does not have a fixed date: every year it depends on when Easter is. In 2021, it starts on Thursday 11th February and ends on Tuesday 16th February.

Carnival is undoubtedly a wonderful festival for children and a great opportunity for those who like to have extravagant fun. A typical Carnival event are parades with people dressed in masks, often themed, and dance parties with music and fun. In Italy, the Venice Carnival is famous, where you can enjoy beautiful carnival costumes and a joyful atmosphere. I love this festival because it makes me happy and is a good opportunity to enjoy life and get away from everyday problems.



Panarello Michela


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